We Can't

Fix Everyone's Problems

Because we are a network of volunteer foster homes and have no shelter*, our resources are limited. To ensure that foster space is available for our former fosters whose adoptions don’t work out and for area shelter bunnies whose time is expiring, we are not able to take owner surrenders or stray rabbits.

We Can

Provide guidance and support to help you keep the rabbit

If you are inquiring about surrendering a pet, ideally, we would like to help make it possible for you to keep your bunny. If training in rabbit care or advice on behavioral issues might help keep the bunny in your home, please discuss those issues with us. Many people are under the impression that a home for “just one more” could not be so hard to find. The reality, though, is that we average over one surrender request every single day. This means the sad truth is that there are far more bunnies in need of homes than there are available homes, so if we can help alleviate your problems, we’ll all be winners (especially the bunnies!).

Work with you to help you help us rehome your bunny

If you must surrender a stray or pet, but do not like the option of a shelter, you have another choice. One of the most effective ways to find a new home for the bunny is by "fostering in place.” Through this program, Bunny Buddies helps facilitate placement in a new home while you continue to care for the bunny. To get set up in this program, you will need to complete and submit a Foster-In-Place Application, providing us with the information necessary to enter the rabbit into our system, and a digital photo, sent to foster@bunnybuddies.org. You would also need to bring the bunny to at least one of our monthly adoption events shown below (the more exposure a bunny gets, the better his/her chances of finding a new home). We will post the bunny on our adoptables listings, arrange for spay/neuter surgery, and screen potential adopters. To help us cover the costs of this program, we would collect the adoption fee resulting from a successful adoption. PLEASE NOTE: We will never turn away a bunny who has a willing foster home. This process can take a while, but it is really the only option available to ensure that the bunny gets placed in a new home and does not face the possibility of euthanasia.

Our current schedule of events is:

2nd Saturday of each month
River Oaks Petco
2110 S. Shepherd
1 until 4 p.m.

4th Sunday of each month Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP)
17555 Katy Freeway
1 until 4 p.m.

If you need immediate assistance, the area shelters which accept rabbits are: Houston SPCA, 700 Portway Drive, Houston, Texas 77024 (713-869-7722); Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), 17555 Katy Freeway Houston, Texas 77094 (281-497-0591); and Houston Humane Society, 14700 Almeda Road, Houston, Texas 77053 (713-433-6421). These shelters have quite a bit of success adopting rabbits, but none can guarantee that your bunny is safe from euthanasia. We are not aware of another area shelter properly equipped to care for rabbits.

Please understand that domestic rabbits have been selectively bred for centuries and cannot “revert to the wild.” They are an entirely different species from wild rabbits in North America. “Setting them free” is not only illegal—it is a death sentence for your bunny.

Again, thank you for caring! Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions, or if you need advice on rabbit care during this process. (Our Rabbit Care Guide is a good starting place.)

Les Wood
Bunny Buddies of Houston

*Because the need is far greater than our fostering network can address, Bunny Buddies has kicked off a capital campaign to build a rabbits-only shelter in Houston. Please help us spread the word. Donations to the shelter fund can be made on our website or mailed to: Bunny Buddies, Inc., PO Box 131894, Houston, TX 77219-1894.