We're glad you're interested in adopting a house rabbit!

Bunny Buddies is always thrilled when one of our foster bunnies is adopted and goes to his/her forever home. But, since rabbits are the third-most-surrendered pets at animal shelters, several shelters in our area always have wonderful bunnies equally deserving of finding homes. When you adopt a foster bunny, you're likely to learn more about the bunny's history, personality, and habits. Whether you adopt from us or from another shelter or rescue organization, we want you to get connected with a wonderful community of "rabbit people," so we offer all new bunny adopters a free one-year membership in Bunny Buddies. Your membership gives you the support and accumulation of knowledge of other rabbit guardians, keeps you informed of social and educational events, and gives you access to our members-only hay and supplies co-op. Just fill out the attached form and return it to membership@bunnybuddies.org.

The other major Houston-area organizations which routinely have adoptable bunnies are:


Again, thanks for your interest in adoption. If you think you may want to adopt from Bunny Buddies, go ahead and fill out our online adoption application here. This will help make sure everything's in place when you find the perfect bunny.